Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems

During its 50-year experience in cathodic protection, E.Polipodio has been able to collect data and specific experiences that have allowed the company to go through all the aspects linked to the corrosion of metallic surfaces in contact with salt water.

The experience acquired, not only is fundamental to the daily service given to our customers, but also enabled us to develop “FONPMATIC”: an impressed current cathodic protection system alternative to the traditional galvanic anodes, but absolutely effective and tested for over 20 years since the first installation.

FONPMATIC systems are engineered according to ISO9001:2000 standards and can be calibrated to meet any single different operational need. The system is supplied with all its accessories and is composed by:

  1. automatic power unit with current output
    from 20 A to 500 A;
  2. activated titanium anodes complete with cofferdam (usually from 2 to 4), to be fitted
    in hull recesses;
  3. reference electrodes (in Zn 99,99 % or in Ag/AgCl);
  4. shafts ground system;
  5. rudder ground system.

Our technical department, in addition to the engineering and installation assistance, is also able to carry out all maintenance operations of different systems produced also by other suppliers.
Our sales/technical dept. is always at disposal to find the right solution for any customer’s need.

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