Antifouling System with Anodes

AFOULMATIC is a system that inhibits the growing of
vegetation inside sea-chests, strainers and suction pipes
through the emission of copper ions (in low concentrations)
produced by special anodes to which a low current
intensity is applied and controlled by an automatic power

The same system can be completed adding to the copper
anode also an aluminium or iron anode, always controlled
by the same power unit, that will provide cathodic
protection to the inside walls of sea-chests, strainers and
to the fi rst part of suction pipes.

The AFOULMATIC system is entirely produced by E.
Polipodio and is extremely versatile, since it can be
installed on big merchant ships as well as on megayachts,
and can also be integrated by a monitoring system.

A wide range of spare parts (suitable also for already
installed systems that are not produced by E. Polipodio)
together with an experienced staff specialised in the
maintenance and installation assistance, enable us to
offer owners and shipyards a complete cooperation in the
operation of any system.

Also for AFOULMATIC plants, our sales/technical dept.
can offer customised solutions according to the specifi c
requests of each client.

Electrochlorination Antifouling System

Alternatively to the AFOULMATIC system, our company,
can offer the C-ECMATIC system, that guarantees a very
good perfomance throughout the life-cycle of the plant,
against a higher installation cost.

The systems works by producing sodium hypoclorite,
extracted directly from the seawater by means of an
electrolysis process carried out inside a cell.

The cell is dc feeded by an electronic power unit, provided
of alarm and signal repetition systems.
The sodium hypoclorite is injected under control directly
inside the sea-chests and it spreads in the suction pipes,
avoiding vegetation and shellfi sh formation.
The system needs very little periodic maintenance and
guarantees an optimum and prolonged solution for the
prevention of systematic problems caused by the growing
of vegetation inside the main pipelines of the ship water
circulation plant.

Also for C-ECMATIC systems, our sales/technical dept.
can offer customised solutions according to the specifi c
requests of each client.

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